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A certain hybridity, unfolds in excess towards a delirium. Bred as a state of mind inscribed with the very make up of the monstrous we seek to escape from. In the lexicon of form that infest the animal kingdom a whisper can be heard of the nightmarish consequences of the potentiality itself. A potential to become that which is already fact made bearable by the evolutionary lens. That is to say that we are all in a process of expressing a language that is none other than the rampant genealogy of flesh. Where antlers become claws, or fins sprout into hooves and horns that magically melt into tentacles. But this monstrous expression is not limited to the physiological world as it can also be heard in the maddening sub divisions of the voice and that which heralds its call. So when I…arf, bark, bawl, bell, bellow, bleat, boom, bray, buzz, cackle, caw, chant, chatter, cheep ,chirp, chirrup, chortle, chuckle, click, cluck, coo, creak, croak, crow, cry, cuckoo, dock, drone, gibber, gobble, growl, grunt, hiss, honk, howl, hum, laugh, low, meow, mew, moo , neigh , nicker, pipe, purr, quack, roar, rumble, scream, screech, simper, sing, snarl, snort, squawk, squeak, squeal, trumpet, tweet, twitter, wail, warble, whine, whinny, whistle, whoop, woof, yelp, yodel, or yowl it should in fact alarm one to the certainty that the whisper has already been heard.


released April 26, 2011




Infinite Livez London, UK

Infinite Livez is a MC and artist who studied Chelsea Art College. His wide range of influences comes from such diverse sources as P- Funk and Surrealism. His first album "Bush Meat" was released on Big Dada Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad.

(PHOTO BY: Daniela Macé Rossiter)
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