Infinite Livez London, UK

Infinite Livez is a MC and artist who studied Chelsea Art College. His wide range of influences comes from such diverse sources as P- Funk and Surrealism. His first album "Bush Meat" was released on Big Dada Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad.

(PHOTO BY: Daniela Macé Rossiter)
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Track Name: Digi Blues
Broken, fixed, and made whole by a plethora of means “Geez!! Learn Cantonese” represents Infinite Livez’s latest attempt to relieve his constipated hard drive of it’s constant yearning to make Hip Hop mean something (again). Starting from the start point of having jumped the gun it launches itself head on into a position of being forced to bite the bullet…BLAMO!! It includes several self produced titles and improvised recordings made with the likes of Gold Panda, Stade and Dingy Dysu. This is experimental Hip Hop at it’s most unforgiving that doesn’t morn the passing of a great empire but instead attempts to learn the language anew in order to have some chance of finding greener pastures…”Geez!! Learn Cantonese”.